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Unlocking Adventures
Pixel by Pixel


BPU Games was sparked by a sheer love for game development, born out of an individual's personal hobby during their time at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. What started as a joyful pursuit quickly evolved into a bustling endeavor, transforming into a vibrant mobile development team situated in the heart of New Jersey.

At BPU Games, we're all about injecting fun and excitement into our creations, crafting games that bring smiles to players' faces around the globe.

Here at BPU Games, we're on a mission to inject boundless joy and entertainment into the gaming industry. We're building a diverse team of passionate individuals who share our enthusiasm for delivering unforgettable gaming experiences. With each game we create, we aim to push the boundaries of fun, offering challenges that keep players engaged and delighted.

Central to our philosophy is our deep connection with our community.
We value every bit of feedback from our players, using it to shape our games and ensure they're tailored to deliver maximum enjoyment.

Though our journey began as a solo adventure, we're fueled by an unyielding spirit of adventure and a commitment to making gaming a blast for everyone. As we dream big and work tirelessly to bring those dreams to life, we can't wait to see where our passion for fun and games takes us next at BPU Games!


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